Business & Law (Nomos)

Our Philosophy

We have experience in business development, intellectual property, commercial contracts and social media, and this allows us to adapt to any Client's profile, offering solution-oriented and strategic advice.

We maintain a modular, hybrid structure, in order to be flexible, closer to our Clients, offer tailored services with added value and contribute to cost optimisation. 

We nevertheless cooperate with more classic structures in order to address all our Clients' needs and preferences.

We specialise in serving our Clients in Switzerland, Europe (including the Balkans), South Korea and China.

Our Services


We facilitate your entry into European, Chinese and South Korean markets.

We accompany Asian, Swiss and European Union businesses who wish to implement, set up and conduct business in Swiss, European Union, South Korean and Chinese markets.

We address all:
Corporate, Financial, Legal, Technical, Operational, IT and Communication needs of our Clients.


We help you transform your idea into an intellectual property asset, defend it and ensure a legal structure for your project.

We assist you in protecting your idea, concept and your business by translating them into the adequate intellectual property asset and commercial contract.
We accompany Clients in negotiation, in selecting the best suited attorney litigator, setting the adequate litigation strategy and implementing it.
We have the capacity to assist our Clients worldwide.
We approach all our Clients' needs envisioning the bigger picture in order to propose a smart legal strategy.
We assist our Clients in:
Trademarks, Designs, Patents, Copyrights, Domain Names, Related Administrative & Court Procedures, Coordination of multi - jurisdictional legal issues, Contracts, Due diligence


We assist you in setting up the best internal social media practices, with the legal requirements for your social media and website activities, and accompany you in working with your social media agency and web designer.

We help our Clients in drafting the terms and conditions of their website and with the contests they organise on social media; we clear possible copyright issues and attend to other legal requirements.

We provide guidance for businesses by acting as an intermediary with advertising and marketing agencies in order to ensure that intellectual property and other legal questions are properly addressed and risks are evaluated.


Do you have a project that you do not know how to tackle or that you do not wish to administer? We may help!

We have assisted Clients in areas such as real estate, hospitality management and the training of an intellectual property support team.

Founding Partners

Beatrice Sfondylia

Beatrice Sfondylia

Intellectual Property Consultant
Trademark Attorney
Project Coordinator & Counsel
Frederic Broch

Frederic Broch

Βusiness Development Advisor


Medical Services

Fashion and Luxury Industry

Hospitality Services

Retail and Consumer Goods

Banking and Philanthropy Services

Information Technologies and Innovation



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Chemin de Préveyres 57E 1132 Lully s/Morges Switzerland